Friday, December 17, 2010

Moslems are not tolerant?

By: Dr. Adian Husaini

On July 1, 2009, Dr. Marwa El-Sherbini, a Muslim woman who was three months pregnant was killed by a non-Muslim in the Court of Dresden Germany. Dr. Marwa was killed with a very barbaric. He bombarded knife as much as 18 times, and died in the courtroom.

Dr. Marwa is present in court, complaining about a German boy named Alex W who called him a "terrorist" because she wore a headscarf. On one occasion, she also never tried to remove the veil Marwa, a Muslim Egyptian. In that trial, Dr. Alex just kills.Marwa with the savage. Marwa husband who tried to defend his wife actually hit the officer.

Perhaps because the Muslim victims, and perpetrators of non-Muslim indigenous people, the great event it is not a national issue, let alone international. Apparently, the case was not an attractive commodity news and sold!

Comparing with the case of injury to a Christian priest Ciketing HKBP in Bekasi, due to clashes with Muslim masses. Despite going on throughout the village, incredible noisy world. U.S. Secretary Hilary Clinton to join comment. Christian news site, on 20 September 2010, lowering the news: "U.S. Secretary Concerned about HKBP Ciketing".

Following Ciketing case, the International Crisis Group (ICG), in its website, ( also makes a bad picture of the condition of religious tolerance in Indonesia: "Religious tolerance in Indonesia has come under strain in recent years Increasing, particularly hardline Nowhere Islamists and Christian Evangelicals Compete for the Same Ground. "

Many Muslim people stunned by the phenomenon unfairly information that may befall them. While accompanying President Barack Obama to see Istiqlal Mosque, Prof. KH Ali Mustafa Ya'qub convey Washington's surrogate Muslims who had seven years of waiting for permission establishment Mosque. In fact, the land already available. Permission has been filed and has not yet come out.

The problem is, who became victims of Muslim! Perhaps, by various parties, the case of the Muslims is not considered an attractive commodity news and worth selling.
Cases attack places of worship and Muslim people in the Western world are very abundant data. Hatred against Muslims increased after the events of 11 September 2001. Various reports indicate the occurrence of vandalism in many mosques and Muslim tombs in almost all European. Abuses against Islam as done by Dutch politician Geertz Wilders, is also not become an international issue of abuse of Islam.

On February 12, 2010, Jakarta Christian Communication Forum (FKKJ) disseminate data destruction of churches in Indonesia.They said, until early 2010 there has been almost about 1200 pieces of the church was damaged and closed. This news spread throughout the world.
Fantastic! There are 1200 churches destroyed in Indonesia, a Muslim country in the world! Naturally, if the exposure rate would appear negative perceptions of Indonesia and the Muslims. At least, could emerge opinion, what a savage and not tolerant of Muslims in Indonesia! If the case of one church in Bekasi Ciketing just reached the ears of Hillary Clinton, what about 1200 cases of destruction of the church!

Unfortunately, no comprehensive and honest analysis of why and what type of damage experienced by these churches. Data Research Agency Ministry of Religious shows, the growth of Protestant churches in Indonesia in the period 1977-2004, indicating a fantastic rate, ie, 131.38 percent. The Catholic Church is more fantastic, 152 percent. While the growth of the Muslim houses of worship rose 64.22 percent over the same period.

Digit growth in Indonesia, a fantastic church that it should also exposed by Christian institutions to the international world, for their reports more balanced and fair to the religious conditions in Indonesia! That if there is a desire to build Indonesia as a house together, to be more just, prosperous, and prosperous.

In the matter of religious tolerance, between opinion and fact it can be much different. The Muslim community is replete with such engineering. Western World more many years fooled by opinions that created the Zionists, that Palestinian land is vacant, devoid of inhabitants. Over the years many Westerners believe, that Israel is "David" while Arab countries are "Goliath". Now, many are already open her eyes, what really happened.

In recent times following the journalistic trip abroad, between the years 1996-1997, I saw how the problem of Islamization in East Timor was sometimes raised by Western journalists in a press conference with government officials RI. They are influenced by Bishop Belo's campaign for years that there has been an Islamization in East Timor, among others, facilitated by the Armed Forces.

In fact, the facts speak the other. What happened in the integration of East Timor with Indonesia is Katolikisasi! Not Islamisation!Results of research Prof. Bilver Singh from Singapore National University, showed, in 1972, Catholics numbered only 187,540 East Timorese from a population of 674,550 inhabitants (27.8 percent). In 1994, the number of Catholics to 722,789 from 783,086 the total population (92.3 percent). In 1994, Muslims in East Timor only 3.1 percent. So within 22 years under Indonesia, East Timor, the number of Catholics increased by 356.3%. In fact, the Portuguese only, for 450 years only able to colonize the East Timor East Timorese to be Catholic 27.8%.

Seeing the growth of population which is fantastic Catholic, Thomas Michel, Executive Secretary of the Federation of Asian Bishops Conference, based in Bangkok, said, "The Catholic Church in East Timor to grow faster than any other region in the world." (See, Bilveer Singh, East East, Indonesia and the World, Myth and Reality (New York: IPS, 1998).
That's a fact. However, opinions differ internationally. A number of Islamization in East Timor case removed and exaggerated so that drowned large images of religious conditions in East Timor at that time.

This skill creates opinions! Need salute. Religious leaders fulfill their function as a campaigner, that his people oppressed, threatened, and need international help. And, the campaign was reaping amazing results! World asked to believe that the Christians are threatened and oppressed in Indonesia; that there is no tolerance, there is no religious freedom in this Muslim country. Various NGOs in Indonesia was busy announcing the results of research that the condition of religious freedom in Indonesia is very bad.

Way beyond the limits of exploitation cases this proportion is very detrimental to the image of the nation. In fact, look at the facts!Indonesian Muslims are familiar with the diversity in religious life.Muslims are accustomed to receiving official-non-Muslim authorities in sitting in key positions of state. Muslims are very unusual to see the TV we show other religions in the national television station. Religious holidays was distributed proportionally.

Look, how many Muslims handful of people who are given the opportunity to become high officials in Western countries, until recently. Look, if the Muslim call to prayer echoes free there, as the Christians in Indonesia from the church bell rang. Is there a holiday for the Muslims during the feast days and, as the Christians enjoy Christmas and Easter holidays?
If you want to enjoy the beauty of the face of a girl, look at the whole face! If only one or two pimples that at focuses warning and stared at an all-out, then a pretty face will disappear from the eye!
The Muslims must really love this country. Muslims must love tolerance, harmony, and peace. However, Indonesian Islamic leaders M. Natsir, had pleaded: "... even if it is a treasure that we love of everything that is religion and our faith. That's what we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren and descendants. Do not try these gentlemen also cut the ropes of this legacy! "
The Muslims need to continue to take the wisdom and lessons from various cases that may befall them. Also, the Muslims, especially the activist propaganda, needs to continuously improve the quality and ability of preaching, so they are not easily fooled and deceived. (

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Warning on anti-corruption in the country corrupt = Formalities

By: Yoedi Karyono

Combating corruption in a country that has been entrenched and very systematic, and the corrupt is a collection of people who are very intelligent, with a very strong network and very spacious. Thus, the worldwide Corruption Day is just a formality, will not impact anything even allegorical parade, carnival and even consumption of the entire logistics warning anti-corruption day is not impossible financed by the corrupt and the network that does have a position of economic and political position is very strong and established.

Instead there was no warning and thought pro on corruption, then in this country also implemented the warning today, and conducted annually each December 9th, this year last year and several years ago and also next year and some next year. Eradication of corruption by a parade, carnival, full of spirit oration and also even verbal abuse on the perpetrators and suspects of corruption just a very busy one day only. Furthermore, the work and melukan corrupt activities as usual, fixed position and the position safely.

Too many cases of corruption in this country which ultimately only be a discourse and not go over well into the debate for many years. Corruption and abuse of power for the case of Bank Indonesia liquidity assistance (BLBI) became increasingly blurred, Century Bank case also the same fate, legal issues drawn into political issues that ultimately become a conspiracy between the rulers and businessmen, and even worse there are non-governmental organizations (NGOs ) a very loud shout anti koruspsi on the other hand they negotiate funding request''the struggle''to corrupt.

Very slick, smart and very systematically corrupt conduct maneuvers, they were very masive and intelligently enter into a legal institution in this country, prosecutors and police judges supreme court is an institution that is not free from corrupt practices, two other institutions Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK ) and also the Constitutional Court (MK), two institutions that have been considered are also beginning to clean contaminated with the practice, with a highly corrupt conspiracy still operate to spread the virus to all the judiciary.

What about the other distinguished institutions. House of Representatives (DPR), the people who claimed to be the representatives of the people are very pessimistic, this agency is very corrupt and even collaborate with the corrupt, they are very clever people pretend to fight, but they only do political bargaining to strengthen and enrich the political position alone.

The Court and the Commission is the target for the castrated and reduced strength. You do this by adding a variety of laws and rules that make the KPK is not functioning optimally, such as at the beginning of super-agency body was formed. Even President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has never felt so uncomfortable with the power of the KPK. Counterattack the koruptir done very systematically against the Commission, the thing done to both the commission Anggodo Widjoyo really spectacular, two KPK leader was arrested and became a legal game between police, prosecutors and the Supreme Court.

Corruption in this country very badly, even when these citizens out of the house to conduct its activities have had to deal with corrupt practices. The officials are very serious look with all his statement, would eradicate corruption in our beloved country, but they only made the statement, when what should be done to combat corruption is the implementation.

Why be ashamed to follow the example of''what the Chinese state.Legal dead grafters!, If invited Act is weak, just change the laws.During the rule and man-made laws are not impossible will be changed. But I got to thinking again, if the death penalty for corrupt completely removed, then how many officials and important people who should be sentenced to death for corruption,''said Chairman MK Mahfud MD.

The corruptor with conspiracy is a collection of intelligent people and has a very broad and strong network. They are very difficult to be eradicated and destroyed, but that does not mean there is no hope, but hope to sometime. The country is already too long undermined the corruptor. Tambunan Gaius case worth billions of dollars, this is just a small case. There are still too many cases of corruption with a number of really fantastic in this beloved country.

Therefore, the memorial day of anti corruption world will only remain a day of commemoration without meaning, the maximum they are doing a demo only clashed with security officers who guard government buildings or buildings that happened to be those who are suspected of corruption. And now the Court is going recriminations who committed corruption and who is not clean of corruption, and this problem is guaranteed to reach a settlement that vague and unclear. Happy Anti-Corruption Day. May the survivors. (

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

SBY is less intelligent look at the situation

By: Yoedi Karyono

To become president, especially with countries that are too many problems is not easy, and it can not be solved only with a sad face, even grief or disaster that befell the country could memperpecat solving a problem or even just adds new problems even potentially threaten the continuity of the state The unity of Indonesia.

If the case of the Tsunami in Aceh Special Region at that time can be used to resolve the conflict between the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) with the Government of Indonesia, which occurred over the decades and change of generations. Tsunami disaster into a blessing and encouragement to bring about peace. But this is totally different from the problems that occurred in Yogyakarta Special Region, which until now has not been clearly distinctive status.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the time of opening a limited cabinet meeting at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta on 26 November 2010 said that democratic values should not be ignored. Therefore, there should be no monarchy system that collided, both with the constitution and with the values of democracy. Of course, SBY statement raises a very negative reaction, and not just a DIY but from some areas that still contained the kingdom.

Kingdom of Yogyakarta Sultanate which had stood before the founding of the Republic of Indonesia, its people are very offended and angry with SBY. Areas not yet recover from natural disasters the eruption of Mount Merapi, then added with SBY statement considered to be very painful. DIY governor who is also King Yogjakarta reacted quite calmly and rationally, but the people of Yogyakarta which is known to behave fine react very strongly to the statement SBY, they are even challenged to hold a referendum. Are all the people of Yogyakarta would prefer royal or democratic system.

''System of government in the province of DIY is not based on the monarchy. Although Sultan Hamengkubuwono X also serves the governor, it was taken according to the rules berlaku.Saya do not know the meaning of the monarchy who delivered the central government. DIY is the same system of governance and management organization with the other provinces, in accordance with the Constitution, Law, and its implementing regulations. What is a monarchy was due to chance Sultan became governor? "Said Sultan Hamengkubuwono X a day after Yudhoyono statement.

Sultan HB X questioned the draft Plan Privileges Act (RUUK) DIY proposed by the government to the House of Representatives (DPR), whether it is actually not a breath of the monarchy? He showed, in the draft RUUK DIY, the Sultan HB X and Paku Alam, who dwells will occupy a new position, namely Parardhya, which has some special authority.

"In the draft RUUK government, the Sultan and Paku Alam is in Parardhya institutions, which have the right of immunity, this means the law can not be reached, if it does not conflict with the constitution? Is it democratic or even the monarchy? "He said.

Sultan HB X said, he was appointed governor in the era of President BJ Habibie and Megawati Sokernoputri appropriate mechanisms and regulations. House of Representatives (DPRD) nominate candidates through fractions, then held a plenary meeting (plenary session of Parliament), the decision requested for the president to issue a letter of appointment of the governor's decision.

Sultan HB X states, if he as the Sultan is considered disturbing the arrangement of the central government administration in DIY-related selection or determination of the governor of Yogyakarta, Sultan will reconsider the office of governor which he held it. "Had I considered to inhibit the process of restructuring the central government of DIY, the office of governor who is in me I will reconsider," he said.

However, Sultan HB X does not clarify the purpose statement. He invited the public to interpret its own. Sultan HB X said, in the process of democratization, there should be dialogue with the society that is based on sincerity and honesty. Thus, society becomes the subject in the process of democratization.

Associated with filling the office of governor-lieutenant governor of Yogyakarta, according to Sultan, it must be asked of the people because it is the people's sovereignty holders.

"Do not just view the democratic or undemocratic only on procedural aspects. When it comes to aspects of the determination or election (governor DIY), fully determine the rights that exist in society, not me, "he said.

Yogjakarta public reaction even harder, they even challenge for a referendum, whether people choose the system of royal or governmental system in force as long as this. Statement SBY get another case with a strong reaction when faced with the problem of Aceh. The role of the vice president that does not work optimally is one factor why people react very hard.

According to Anhar Gongong, one historian from the University of Indonesia, the Kingdom of Yogyakarta Sultanate has a great service to the founding of the Republic of Indonesia, Yogyakarta even have sacrificed for the sake of the Republic of Indonesia and give everything else to the founding of this republic. If now they do not like the statement SBY, it is very normal and even challenging to hold a referendum.

''The referendum in the constitution of this country is not known, but it is also not impossible will be pursued and implemented. But the consequences will be terrible. If the central government approved and carry out a referendum, then some areas would have asked the same thing. Some areas that have been less happy to join with the Government of the Republic of Indonesia would have asked the same thing, and finally this republic would be destroyed,''said Anhar.

Come on in gentlement SBY immediately apologize to the people of Yogyakarta, and the apology should be conducted openly. Why, the question of Yogyakarta has widened and become a national problem that will be very influential nationally as well. Raden Kanjeng Tumenggung Djatiningrat, one of the Yogyakarta royal relatives say, SBY has been very disappointing the people of Yogyakarta, one of the easiest and cheapest way is to immediately apologize.

Effendi Ghazali, a political communications expert says, this time the President is not taking into account the feelings and the situation in Yogyakarta, so miscalculated what the reaction will occur in Yogyakarta. Political adviser to the president less careful with this issue, a presidential statement which will be spread anywhere and cause negative reactions in a very fast, this is absolutely no benefit to anyone.

Former Chairman of the Board of Nahdlatul Ulama KH Hasyim Muzadi suggested President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono did not harass the Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. This is feared to provoke negative sentiment the people of Yogyakarta.

"SBY should not tamper with the Sultan through the process of law, even as the government had the right legislation, because the impact will hit back SBY through the emotional waves of Yogyakarta residents, if the discourse of the referendum in Yogyakarta increasingly widespread. If up to the referendum goes on, will have broad impact on salvation of the republic, "said Secretary General of the International Conference of Islamic Scholars such.

According to Hashim, Yogyakarta Special Region government system should be allowed to remain as present as a form of privilege that area. He states, it does not matter if the Governor of Yogyakarta is not the result of the election, and it does not necessarily mean in Yogyakarta apply monarchy system.

"Not only the historical factors and the Sultanate services to the Republic of Indonesia, but the fact is that the reign of Sultan of Yogyakarta with the people directly elected parliament and jointly responsible to the central government, where monarkinya," he said.

Interior Minister Gamawan Fauzi express statement by President had been arrested in the wrong by some circles. "At that the President just gave an introduction about the three aspects must be considered in the discussion RancanganUndangUndang Privileges Yogyakarta, namely the monarchy, democracy, and constitution," he said. (

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